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Jewish art collectors and amateurs present a selection of their Judaica collections Paintings, objects, photographs, documents, etc. are displayed and often for the first time. The website is free and open to private and professional display but also for sale, purchase or estimation purposes (Judaica.com refuses to accept responsibility regarding the contents of the ads for which their authors are fully committed).

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Name : The main synagogue
location :
Date : unknown

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Collector :
Private Collection
Record Date : 2005-02-08
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 Paintings (25 records)

The milkman and son - Walter Spitzer
Recorded : 2009-11-15
 Postcards (72 records)

synagogue - - 1908
Recorded : 2005-05-02
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oncle en Amerique -
Recorded : 2005-03-27
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Book of "zivahim chelamim" -
Recorded : 2005-07-10

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